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Ideas that can help you sell more wine, buy wine more intelligently for your restaurant or retail shop, and move your business forward.

It’s about being a better wholesale or winery rep.

It’s about discussing new ways of looking at an old industry.

It’s about helping YOU achieve cool things in neat ways, with more happiness and confidence.

It’s about challenging conventional wisdom.

No matter where you are in the wine supply chain, from winery to wholesaler or importer, to retailers and restaurants, there will be something here for you, guaranteed.

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Jason Kallsen


VineThinking is a nearly daily blog produced by Jason Kallsen, Certified Sommelier and wine and marketing industry veteran. Jason brings forth knowledge and experiences from over two decades in every aspect of the trade. A specialist in modern marketing, sales technique development, and finding new ways to do old things, he mentors individuals and businesses not only on wine and wine sales, but also personal development tied to work habits.

He founded Twin Cities Wine Education in the 1990’s with the mantra “Wine Education Without Intimidation” and has taught over 15,000 students since his company’s founding. He’s appeared on television with Andrew Zimmern, and even on an internationally broadcasted edition of ‘Performance Today’ pairing wine with classical music. Additionally, he’s a social media and marketing specialist in the world of wine, helping others understand important communication channels and training all levels of the industry to use social media is more efficient and powerful ways.

He owns a number of other micro-businesses and mentors those with the same ambitions. Learn more at www.jasonkallsen.com

Jason lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with his wife Angela, but travels the world whenever possible to enjoy wine at its source.