The power of unmeasurable generosity

As we become more measurable in our jobs and lives, there is more room for unmeasurable generosity.

If a friend works a job with unreasonable quotas and driving trackers so their boss can oversee their every movement, be the one that gives some love and an ear over a little happy hour bump.

If you know of someone stuck in a job that is not feeding their soul, needing the money but feeling overwhelmed by the pressures and measurement, put out some effort to help them get fresh air and a fresh start.

If you know a bartender or a server that often talks of burnout and aches and pains, be the one that reminds them of their skillset and how it can apply to a world of jobs. Then help them move toward a different future.

If you know someone who unfortunately works for a boss that wants things to “just get back to normal” (i.e., pre-pandemic endless soul-sucking meetings), let them vent. Then remind them of all the options and paths available going forward. And help them in any way you can.

Give without expectation of reciprocity. Help those that you sense could use some help.

Many workers, especially in the wine and spirits business, are being overwhelmed by the minutiae of work measurement and it’s bringing them down. Help them by giving unmeasurable generosity.