SOND 2022 is on … what are your plans?

Welcome to September!

Start that countdown. We’re only 121 days away from the end of the year.

Wholesale reps
Open your calendar. Mark the evenings you want off, no questions asked. Family evening, concerts, commitments, downtime, you name it. Your job is a daytime job, and any hours you put in the evening should be for retailers and restauranteurs that are important to your business and bottom line.

Then, fill in the evenings that you choose to work. With in-store tastings back in full force and with the economy on shaky ground this year, it’s more important than ever to have impactful in-store tastings.

Call up your most essential retailers and fill in your calendar. The goal is that by this time next week, you know exactly who you’re pouring for and when.

Then the calendar is full, and you can say no to any other requests.

Wine retailers
What’s your store’s focus for the next 120 days? What sections are on sale, and when? What wines are stacked up and featured for Thanksgiving (hint: they have to be good and make you more margin)? What changes do you want to make before it gets really busy?

And building on what I wrote above, which sales reps are pouring and when? You should have your calendar done and full by this time next week.

The goal
In one week, you should know what you’re doing for the rest of the year. Then you can concentrate on what’s really important: the strategies you are developing to hit your goals in the next 100 days.