A Challenge: Make Something

Don’t do the same old thing this week. Don’t call the same accounts and pitch the same products and get back in the car or on the phone and do the same thing again and again.

I challenge you to make something. Make something you can hand to people or email to them.

Maybe it’s a one page guide on wine service.

Maybe it’s a one page list of ideas for new wines for the season (hint for wholesale or winery reps: put wines on that list that your competition sells but you really like yourself. It changes that sheet from a sales pitch to an info piece, which is very different indeed).

Maybe it’s your suggestions on how to get into the wine business (we all get that question all the time).

Maybe it’s a collection of wine cartoons you find on the web, a perfect leave behind to bring a smile to your customer’s faces.

Maybe it’s a recipe that goes really well with a wine you happen to sell.

No matter what it is, challenge yourself to make something to give to people.