Good vs. Interesting

Two different wines. Two different approaches needed to sell them.

Saying a wine is “good” implies ranking and inherent quality. This one is better than the other one. Most wines/brands strive to be sold as good wine, where comparisons and rankings are sought after. It makes for easy selling.

A wine that is “interesting” is being sold based on being different, being original, being a standout. Some wines/brands strive to be sold as interesting wine, where the story behind the wine, the people, the strange grapes and location are central to the sale.

For most sales reps representing most wines, this distinction is never made at the crucial point: the start of the sales pitch.

Plot it out at the start. Make sure the buyer knows what they are getting into before they sip the wine.

You can’t sell a “good” wine the same way you sell an “interesting” wine, and vice-versa. As the sales rep, it’s your job to plot the course of the conversation and to do that you need to know two things ahead of time: what direction you’re going and what the destination is.

Are you going to the land of “good” or the land of “interesting”?