How to deal with “it”

There are only four ways to deal with it. No more.

  1. You can ignore it. If it’s something important it will come back to haunt you and you will have to deal with it then, but until that point you can kick it down the curb.
  2. You can defer it to another person. If you have somebody in your circle or in your command that can handle it, make it work right, and you trust them then by all means pass it onto them.
  3. You can commit to eventually paying attention to it. Which of course means you’re not really dealing with it but your intentions are good (how many messages are in your inbox that you read, then marked “unread” so you come back to them later?).
  4. You can do it, fix it, deal with it, and get it off your list. Done. Period. Bring on the next one.

What is “it”?

You tell me.