Monday Challenge: 1.92%

Good day and welcome to another great week! Every Monday I throw out a challenge, a wee bit of a push to get you on the right track, and occasionally a nudge to knock you off the track and see things from a different angle.

This week: 1.92%.

What does this mean? What is this mystery number?

It’s how much of the year has passed. One week is behind us. Fifty one to go. Every week is 1.92% of a year.

It’s a human trait to totally overestimate what we can get done in a day. We are all guilty of it. You wake up refreshed and energized. You have a couple cups of good coffee. You make lists of what needs to get done. You add two more sales calls. You’ll fit in the gym. Oh, that new book you have on tantric basket weaving … you’ll start it tonight. And of course you don’t get everything done.

It’s also a human trait to totally underestimate what we can get done in a year. We are all guilty of it. In a year you can move mountains, change jobs and careers, make a baby (from scratch!), move your home, write a book (figure 50,000 words divided by 300 days of writing averages out to only 166.7 words per day. You’ve already read 196 in this article alone), start a small side business, and achieve some tremendous and awesome sales goals.

The new year is 1.92% over. What have you accomplished that is a small step to a larger goal, a goal you will accomplish but not until the last quarter of the year? What are your big picture goals for the new year and have you accomplished 1.92% of those goals? 

(Important sidenote: with it being the start of the year, many of us have health in mind. Trying to achieve an unrealistic health goal in a week or a month is not only foolish but potentially harmful. Far better to take the long view, but with constant attention to the numbers. Want to lose 12 pounds this year? That’s only a pound a month. But the maintenance of keeping that pound off is of course the hard part. If you’re looking for solid advice on how to motivate yourself to exercise, check out the greatest post on the subject here: