Monday challenge: Awesome at a few things, not pretty good at many

Every Monday I throw out a challenge to readers, something to make people think, get into an uncomfortable space (where growth happens) and in general give you ideas at looking at your job from different angles.

This week: what are you awesome at?

I’m not asking what are you pretty good at. I’m not asking for as long of a list of attributes as possible.

I’m asking what is your superpower? What is the one thing you do better than anybody else on your team? What is the one thing your customers would say you do better than your competition?

Take a blank sheet of paper and write whatever that superpower is on top. Below that, write a definition of that superpower. Write in the first person. “I have the most organized sales presentations.” “I bring positive energy into every interaction.” “I open new accounts like there is no tomorrow.” You get the idea.

Now, the hard part: brainstorm how to be even better at it. Write stuff down. Think about this all week. Then stash that sheet somewhere that you can find it later. We’ll return to this idea in the new year.

Have an incredible week! Good luck!