Nobody owes you anything

Sorry to bring you the bad news.

But it’s the truth.

That extra will call you ran? Looking the other way for a week while a bill was due? The extra in-store tasting you decided to do last week, when your kid’s play was being put on?

There are no repayment gods that will ensure balance. There is no left and right collum to keep track of who did the last good deed.

Choices you make, things you decide to do, are your decisions and your decisions only. The good and the bad. They live once, and then they are gone.

Harm can be done when a tally is being kept. Business relationships go south when you think somebody owes you. Sorry, but nobody owes you anything. Thankfully, it goes the other way as well. You don’t owe anybody anything.

The only twist is the obvious: you owe it to yourself to own your time, your thoughts, and your future. Yesterday is gone, but today is still in your control.