Plans, planners, CRMs, and what is really needed

Tools, pens, calendars, graphs and check lists.

Reminders, pings, pokes, and Things.

CRM’s, Saleforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, and Hubspot.


Endless inspirational quotes.

Internal meetings, sales meetings, performance review meetings.

The value of the tools at the wine sales reps disposal can only beĀ measured by the action taken to use them correctly. Thinking about tools and playing with tools is not the same as using tools.

It’s all about action. About stepping into the account and connecting. About being honest and keeping the ball rolling. About building, not taking down.

Don’t spin your wheels too much trying to figure out the ultimate combination of work flow that will optimize to the highest degree a minute by minute performance.

Instead, just get your ass out there and build something great.