The 5000 piece puzzle

Lots of people love puzzles. It’s a great way to idle away time on a long weekend at the cabin, or during a family reunion.

Why are some 1000 pieces? Why are some only ten inches square while others are huge? Why would someone intentionally choose an incredibly difficult 5000 piece puzzle?

Easy: they want the challenge.

If you have a customer that uses terms such as “buying strategy” or “customer unlocking” or “long term planning” you’re working with a puzzle master. Somebody who wants to crack the code. Somebody who is looking for the challenge of the 5000 piece puzzle.

Selling to a puzzle master is very different than selling to someone less engaged. Those that are the most disconnected from this idea will actually take offense when you talk strategy, unlocking, and planning.

Realize when you have a puzzle master in your territory. They are a joy to sell to because they are looking far beyond the juice in the glass. With puzzle masters, it’s the Rubik’s cube of the customer that you’re trying to help them solve. And if you can help solve that puzzle, your personal sales rep stock will go into the statosphere.