The communication quandary

The single biggest problem wine wholesalers have is simple and universal: communication of important information. Nobody does it well. Nobody.

What’s new in the portfolio?

What’s leaving the portfolio?

What is out of stock?

What containers just arrived?

Which sales rep left?

What sales reps just got hired?

When is the next portfolio tasting?

Who is coming into the market in the next six months?

What’s the three year plan for the wholesaler?

Who do I contact when my sales rep is out of town?

So here’s the other side of the coin…

Can there be too much information and communication?

Are you flooding the inbox of the buyer?

What do customers really need to know?

What’s the best way to communicate this information?

What is your company’s communication feed, how much information are your customers actually hearing, how much is sticking, who is responsible for delivering it, and who is responsible for following up? 

If you don’t have a plan or outline to answer the above questions then you’re doing your job exactly like everybody else.