The easiest formula for opening new business

New business is the lifeblood of most wine sales reps. You need to be opening new accounts to help energize the growth needed to expand your business.

Here is the simple universal formula for 100% success in opening a new account.

Show up.

Show up again.

Be there.




Show up more.

Shake hands.


“We would love a chance to discuss our wines and your business.”

“What is changing on the list?”

“Who’s the new buyer?”

“Who’s the owner?”

Show up again and again.


Here’s some info on new releases.

Here’s the invite to our show.

Show up more.

Hello again!

Show up. Show up. Show up.

Opening new business is about persistence and clarity of message. That’s all. If a cable TV company can do it, if a bathroom cleaning service can do it, if a window washing company can do it, if a worker’s comp insurance agent can do it, then you as a seller of fine wine can surely do it too.

Discouragement is natural. It means that you are (and it is) working. Discouragement is proof that you’re putting in the effort.