The problem with being the first to say it

Sometimes the truth needs to be said. The problem is somebody has to say it first.

“This brand really doesn’t fit our portfolio or our company style.”

“That customer is not good for our business, even if they buy more and more wine.”

“Your technique in selling is too abrasive and confrontational.”

“The cigarettes you keep smoking stick on you all day. We can smell you from the parking lot.”

“Our offices are ugly with horrible lighting and feel like a prison.”

“You’re not giving me room to spread my wings, and you’re not giving me permission to fail.”

The tough part about having a problem that obviously needs to be addressed is that somebody has to bring it up first. Somebody needs to be at the head of the marching line, trying to make things better. Somebody needs to take the hit of the opposition. Plan your strategy carefully, imagine all scenarios, and most importantly approach problem solving as a group benefit, not a whiny individual reaction.