The squeeze and the sales rep

The life of a sales rep used to be quite easy. If you showed up every week, you got the sale and business grew. The good ‘ol days! (Which of course were harder than it sounds, but sales reps stuck in the past seem it think it was less work.)

Everything has changed in the last few years. In many markets, larger buying forces (big retailers) along with larger selling forces (big wholesalers) have set up shop. Often time those two forces come in with a friendship already established, which squeezes everybody else.

So a rep at a cool small wholesaler can’t just show up every week at Total Wine and expect a sale. Of course not.

Likewise, the rep from a new division of Southern Glazers can’t just show up every week at a boutique wine shop and expect a sale. Of course not.

It’s not just about showing up. It’s about picking your customers, knowing what you sell and why, and more importantly knowing what you don’t sell and can’t offer.

Know yourself first. If your goal is to turn over every rock to find every bit of business then your job suddenly becomes that of a rockhound instead of a sales rep. Be a wine sales pro by knowing who you’re targeting to begin with.