What customer service is not

Customer service for a wine wholesaler takes many forms.

Clear information. A heads up. A lead. Running the emergency will call (when it truly is an emergency, not a matter of convenience). Being on time. Making sure your customer knows your portfolio and what you can do to help grow their business.

Customer service is also about your bigger team: the delivery drivers, the managers, the owners and their relationships with your accounts.

Customer service is mainly about problem-solving, and problem aversion. Figuring out a solution ahead of a solution being needed. Being the rock-solid reliable sales rep that simply gets things done right.

Customer service is not about price.

Nobody is going to say “My sales rep sucks, the delivery driver is a slob, the managers have never set foot in my store, but boy did they do me a solid by dropping that case from $120 to $108.”

Five-star reviews don’t happen by simply being cheaper.