Why do you buy from ME?

Sometimes the best questions are the easiest to ask.

If you’re a wine wholesale rep, during this beer-fueled summer season take the time to dig a bit into your account’s motivations.

Ask your customer: “Why do you buy from ME?”

By asking this question you’ll break some ice, learn about your wine buyers in a deeper way, and no matter what you’ll solidify the relationship further.

Wine buyers at restaurants and retailers get pitched to all day, every day. Everybody wants a slice of the pie. A buyer has to become a black belt at deflection without apology. They live in the world of No.

But when you ask them to answer this question, you’re no longer selling. The armor comes off. Enter the world of Yes.

The most beautiful part? They may very well surprise themselves with how many answers they have. The buyer will sell themselves on you and the company you work for. And all you have to do is smile, take notes, and thank them in the end.

Try it out.

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