A challenge: more questions

I’ve run into a few wine sales reps lately that only tell, they never ask.

They tell me about the winemaker. They tell me about the steel tanks. They tell me about the vineyard. They tell me about the barrels. They tell me the scores.

At no point do they ask anything.

“What’s the best Pinot Noir you’ve had in a while?”

“Do you think New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is on the way out?”

“What’s the last Napa Valley wine you had that blew you away?”

“What style of Champagne do you like? Is it the same as your customers?”

These are simple questions that would give them profound insight and allow them to steer the conversation in directions that aligned with their goals. But they were too busy telling me about stuff to ask the right questions.

Asking questions doesn’t have a downside. Ask more questions.