Goals vs. Expectations

Goals and expectations are frequently confused with each other at many organizations.

“Our goal is provide top quality customer service.” … No, top quality customer service should be an expectation with every single interaction with every single customer. Anything less is simply unacceptable.

“Our goal is to make great wine.” … No, the wine should be expected to be great every vintage, or else why are you in the wine business?

“Our goal as a great restaurant is to always have awesome food.” … Excuse me, but if you’re a great restaurant shouldn’t a customer simply expect awesome food?

“Our goal is to service our customers with knowledge and passion.” … No, it should be expected that your sales reps hit the street with knowledge and passion at all times.

Here are the definitions to keep in mind:

A goal is a measurable destination, it’s trackable, and it often is comprised of a variety of tasks to achieve that goal.

An expectation is part of the DNA of an organization, the heartbeat of the business, and must always be met, no variances, no half-assed energy, no exceptions. It it what always has to be done with no excuses.

Do your people think their expectations are actually goals? Then you might have a problem.