How to conquer Impossible!, How?, and Yeah … Right

It is entirely within the realm of possibility to double your business in the next 12 to 24 months. Honestly.

There is a scary side, however, and this scary side brings up excuses and prevents most people from ever thinking they can do this.

For wine retailers, the first excuse usually comes down to physical space. “Impossible!” Which of course is not a relevant argument because the internet allows us to have unlimited space.

For restaurants, the first excuse usually comes down to a blank stare and a “How?” Which of course is not relevant because it takes a systematic approach and a big dream … both of which are playing a different game than “how?” Some restaurants simply reinvent the rules.

For wholesalers, it’s an immediate “Yeah … right!” as if the business isn’t already out there, but simply being given to other distributors.

The first step to a bigger future is all about the attitude. Believe something is possible and you might just surprise yourself.

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