Monday Challenge: Q1 is in the books … what did you accomplish?

Welcome to the Monday Challenge. This one deserves some of your time today, time that is focused and without distraction (close the computer, put the phone into airplane mode, get away from social media and the web).

What did you accomplish in Q1 of 2017?

I’m not talking about sales numbers, brand distribution, points of distribution, glass pour placements, or end cap displays.

No, save that number crunching for later.

What did you accomplish in your reputation, your career, your output, and your asset building?

What did you create that can be reused and repurposed for the rest of the year?

What did you plan so well and so carefully that it took a burden off your mind and resulted in no last second same-day scrambles?

That’s what you really accomplished in Q1. Now do it again for Q2.