Stay healthy with your wine

The wine business is full of tasting opportunity, gatherings with wine friends, and intense blind tastings and discussion for those working toward sommelier certification.

In other words, there is A TON of wine to taste on any given week.

Be careful.

Too much wine can creep into your system. Before you know it, the edges of addiction are showing in your day to day life. I’m not going to go into those symptoms for they are easy to find on the web and most of us know them (or have a gut instinct about them) anyway.

What I am going to write about is a simple formula that the most successful wine people I know tend to follow. Here it is:

One day a week, drink no wine (or beer or spirits). None at all. Not even the little taste at the end of the night.

For three to five days in a row once a month, drink no wine. None at all. Try to work out every one of those days. Get the blood moving, get sweaty.

At least two or three times a year, take a whole week off drinking wine (especially if you’re on vacation with your family). Your brain will appreciate it, as will those around you.

It’s a system reset, a cleansing, a way to keep your head clear.

Some wine people make the mistake in thinking wine is their life. It’s not. Life is your life, and wine is a small part of it. Take care of your life, for it’s more important than the wine.