The first step after setting goals

Goal setting is the secret key to success, especially in the wine wholesale industry. When goals are carefully outlined and targeted, then momentum is driven in the proper direction and true growth can occur. When goals are met then you have a reason to pop a bottle of Cava (this is the wine industry, after all).

Not having a goal is like running a race with no finish line. It’s a recipe for eventual frustration and quitting.

So setting goals takes time, it takes analysis, and it takes focus. Don’t treat it lightly, don’t just make stuff up off the top of your head, and don’t lose sight of how important goal setting is.

Okay, now you’ve set your goals. Maybe it’s a category goal (let’s grow Oregon Pinot Noir sales in July by 15% over last year), maybe it’s a territory goal (let’s grow chef-driven small destination on-premise business in Rachel’s territory by 22.4%), or maybe it’s a brand goal by volume (we need to ship 18% more cases of Chateau Cash Flow this year).

Good, you have the numbers. They are realistic, they are doable, they are going to take work but with hard work in the right direction you’ll be able to achieve them. You’ve set your goals.

The first step after setting your goals? Set stretch goals.

Have a goal after the goal. Something you don’t think can be attained. Something seemingly so far out of reach that the word “impossible” comes up.

Developing a stretch goal has multiple purposes:

  1. It helps the real goal look even more likely be to accomplished.
  2. It gives you focus even after the goal is achieved.
  3. It gives you a reason to keep the momentum up, which is the most important energy of all.

Set those stretch goals high. And when you hit a stretch goal, celebrate like you’ve never celebrated before. You’ll deserve it. Don’t just pop a bottle of Cava … grab the Champagne.