The Uber driver mentality of some wine reps

What makes for a great Uber driver?

  1. Somebody who shows up.
  2. Somebody who does not crash.
  3. Somebody who is not obnoxious. Silence is golden.

That’s really it.

And some wine sales reps define the job they are doing by defending themselves this way:

  1. “Hey, I show up to all my accounts when I’m supposed to!”
  2. “Hey, I don’t screw up! You know that!”
  3. “Hey! I don’t try to know it all, I simply give great service!”

It doesn’t work to have an Uber driver mentality when selling wine. Showing up, not crashing, and not saying the wrong thing are prerequisites for the job, day in and day out. Those are non-negociables. But the job simply starts at the point.

Try being remarkable. Try being different. Try being exceptional. Become a wine leader instead of a wine follower. Take note of what others are doing. Become the leader of the pack. Figure out what your goals are and work toward them. Build. Develop. Work harder than others.

Or … just show up, don’t crash, and keep quiet. Your choice.