How to not sell wine (soft selling the wrong way)

Here is a good example of how to not sell wine.

“You let me know when you need something. I’ll stay out of your way until then.”

Some reps seem to pride themselves on being “the softest of soft sell reps.” But there is a difference between soft selling and non-selling. The quote above is non-selling. It’s saying “I’m not even going to come into the room until you open the door for me.”

Soft selling, conversely, is about walking in with gentle steps.

It’s about being there, but being a bit more quiet about what you do. And that is really, really hard to do well.

The tough part about soft selling is making it clear that you care, that’s you’re there for them, that you’re not just being lazy, that you are aware of competition, and that you put the customer first.

And time and time again I watch “soft sell reps” lose business because they are not selling, they are reacting. Then a good, normal, straightforward, well trained sales rep comes in and starts to pick away at the business.

Your customer wants to be sold. Never forget that.