What happens if …

… you present ten Pinot Noirs to an account, they don’t find joy in any of them, then a competitor presents just one and that makes it on the list?

… you own 95% of a wine list at a local restaurant, but the company that has the other 5% suddenly starts spending a lot of money there, popping more and more samples, and obviously wants more business?

… a retailer that has been hot in the past is starting to cool off, and business is down 25%. Their solution is to ask for more time and samples from their vendors. What to do?

… you work hard every week to up the wine game at an account. Better bottles, smaller producers, all with something to say. Then you walk in and see Chateau Cash Flow won a bit part of their business.

… one of your best friends suddenly becomes the wine buyer at an account where another of your best friends (and a competitor) owns the list?

Some questions don’t have easy answers, and that’s okay. There is no ‘playbook’ for every scenario. Sometimes, more often than we realize, everything has to be custom tailored for the right fit. It’s okay to realize that one size doesn’t fit all. This is the hard work, but also the important work.