How to be a Wine Leader

There are very few Wine Leaders out there.

There are a ton of wine managers, and in the scope of this idea a wine manager is defined as somebody who controls, regulates, checks on, and makes happen the flow of wine through the commercial transactions of our business. Most wholesale reps, retail buyers, restaurant buyers, and winery reps are simply wine managers.

But a Wine Leader is different.

A Wine Leader has a larger purpose and goal than just moving boxes.

A Wine Leader sells by educating, rather than by points, reviews, or quotas.

A Wine Leader is the first to step up and say a competitor’s wine, shop, restaurant, distributor, etc. is hitting it out of the park.

A Wine Leader looks toward the global wine industry for inspiration rather than the nearest competitor.

A Wine Leader brings tools and ideas forward to their customers to help them achieve their goals.

A Wine Leader ignores the race to the middle and instead finds their own path to the top.

A Wine Leader develops wine people and helps pull them up, not down.

Are you a Wine Leader?

Are you developing Wine Leaders around you?