The easiest way to sell anything

There is one surefire way to sell anything. This works across all industries, across all cultures, and during all economic situations.

You give it away for free.

Not just your product. But your time. And your energy. And your ideas.

Free is a dangerous downhill slide, and once you have put no value onto something, it’s hard to bring value back.

Yes, it’s an easy way to sell. But be careful, for you’re dancing with the devil when the word free comes into the equation.

Exceptions to the rule: 1) when you are giving generously in order to help others, free is incredible and magical. Giving isn’t selling. 2) when the value is kept but free adds icing to the cake or helps with short term profitability, i.e. this week it’s one free on five. But be careful … that’s the start of the slippery slope.