Wine sales strategy

A question for wine wholesale reps.

Pick one of your customers, any customer. What is your strategy with them?

I’m not asking “what do you normally do when you see them?” No, I’m talking about strategy.

Strategy needs both short term and long term goals.

Strategy considers all objections and obstacles to achieve the those goals.

Strategy helps you be ready for anything, and gives you the foresight to know when the path is clear and you can move forward.

Strategy considers history to an extent but ignores sunk costs, focuses on future goals, and helps you measure where you are at any given point.

Strategy takes time to put together and should be always evolving. It’s complex, and complex things that have many hours of labor to assemble are often not flexible, yet a good strategy has to be.

It’s far different than “what do you normally do when you see them?” That’s not a strategy.