Building fences as a wine sales rep

Newer sales reps are prone to be ‘yes’ people, doing whatever the store or restaurant asks to the point of crossing a line. The sales rep doesn’t intend to cross the line, they just may not know where that line is.

If you build fences and tell yourself you’ll never breech them, it can keep you contained, and therefore more professional, and also more productive.


  1. I don’t spread or talk about rumors.
  2. I don’t talk about other accounts.
  3. I show up on time.
  4. If I don’t know something, I say I don’t know then I’ll try to find the answer.
  5. I’m honest about the wines, quality, and pricing I’m presenting (and if necessary will call a spade a spade).
  6. Every account is recognized as different. There is no one-size-fits-all.

If you do those six things, consistently, and never breech the fences, you will have a better life as a sales rep.

Pretty simple, really.