What do your wineries want?

What do wineries that you represent really want?

“We want to be placed in the right accounts.”

“We want to be a category leader.”

“We want to grow our direct to consumer business.”

“We want less competition in your book.”

“We want your sales reps to take more samples out.”

“We want your sales reps to stop taking so many samples out.”

“We want to redefine our category / price point / region.”

“We want to prove our point.”

“We want to take a stand.”

“We want to survive.”

“We want to get back to what we once were.”

“We want to destroy our competition.”

“We want to be a change for good beyond wine.”

Knowing what the wineries you represent want before any samples are pulled or Friday sales meetings are planned is key. And what the wineries want and what you actually need might be two very different things. And your needs are not the needs of the restaurant or the retailer.

Strategy and planning matter more than you may think.